Case Study: Simba, an assistance dog

//Case Study: Simba, an assistance dog

Case Study: Simba, an assistance dog

Simba came to Crossroads Hydrotherapy and begun his sessions needing invasive surgery due to bad hip dysplasia. This is an abnormal formation of the hip socket, in severe forms, it can cause crippling lameness and painful arthritis in the joints.

As an assistance dog, Simba would not have been able to continue with his job due to the surgery and recovery time. He came to us with the hope of strengthening him up so that he would be able to cope with everything and after a course of ten sessions, Simba had an important appointment at the vets – deciding his future!

The vet was impressed with Simba’s progress and improvement, this meant that he no longer must have the hip surgery he could have needed! The team at Crossroads Hydrotherapy love having both Simba and his owner in the centre and are proud of the progress he has made and shown.

After his appointment, we received the following news from Medical Detention Dogs: “Thank you for everything, we are so very grateful for everything you have done for Simba. I am very pleased to report that the vet was impressed with his progress and improvement. Therefore, the hip surgery which he may have needed is now no longer required! It is a huge relief all round and his owner is delighted that he can continue his work as her assistance dog.

Thank you again, not just for your professional hard work but the kindness, dedication and care you have provided for both Simba and his owner. Simba saves her life so regularly, they are incredibly special and bring light and joy to so many people.”

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