Acclimatising dogs to water with Crossroads Hydrotherapy Centre

//Acclimatising dogs to water with Crossroads Hydrotherapy Centre

Acclimatising dogs to water with Crossroads Hydrotherapy Centre

Not all animals love water or know how to swim. Swimming should be fun and enjoyable for pets, so if they don’t want to go into the local river or lake, don’t force them – instead book some swimming sessions at Crossroads Hydrotherapy Centre. Hydrotherapy isn’t just for rehabilitation, it is great for improving the fitness of dogs, for pets who love water, or for those who need to learn not to be afraid of water – all within a controlled environment.

On your first visit to us, we will discuss your vet referral form which will need to be signed before dogs can swim with us in the Hydrotherapy Centre. We will then measure the muscle mass and weight if required. Before entering the pool, pets will be showered removing surface dirt and warming their muscles before a floatation device or harness are fitted. Your dog will then be given time to acclimatise to their surroundings and the pool. It will always remain a positive experience with us at Crossroads – our experienced team are committed to ensuring this. Many dogs come to us nervous about the water but after just a few swimming sessions, they come back wagging their tails and can’t wait to get splashing!

If you have a puppy under 1 year old, we also offer puppy swims to introduce them to water. This will get them used to water whilst doing it in a safe, controlled environment with experts, Steve or Ellie. You can be at ease of introducing your dog to water with the trained and experienced team at Crossroads Hydrotherapy Centre.

Contact the team at Crossroads Hydrotherapy Centre to find out more and book in your swims. PLEASE NOTE: All animals must have a consent form signed by their vet before they are able to swim.

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