//Climatising to the colder weather

Climatising to the colder weather

It’s October which means that we are now coming into the cooler weather and we are officially heading into Autumn! It is important for dogs to get their regular exercise but with shorter days and colder weather this can be tricky.


Longer walks throughout the summer months can also cause more pressure on your pet’s joints. Hydrotherapy boasts many benefits such as relief from pain, swelling, stiffness and helps to strengthen muscles. It also gives the needed exercise which is great for those rainy days or if it is snowing.


Our pool is always heated to 28-30 degrees Celsius so your furry friends will never feel that winter chill. It also helps to improve blood circulation, aids in the relaxation of your dog’s muscles as well as reducing swelling and lastly, easing pain, especially in tendons and joints. We will always wash and blow dry your pets after their swim as much as possible so they are dry for their journey home but also recommend a drying coat to keep them warm and dry the rest of their coat at the same time.


Simba Medical Detention Dog

Simba modelling the fantastic dry coats!


It is important to keep them warm after swims and after a lot of exercise as they could seize up. For more information contact us. If your furry friend is ready to get splashing, then download our consent form. PLEASE NOTE: This is essential – your pets can’t swim without prior consent from your vet.


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