//Case Study: Lily the Golden Retriever

Case Study: Lily the Golden Retriever

Lily has been swimming with us here at Crossroads for a few months. She is a lovely girl that enjoys her swims, despite going into “gin and tonic” mode when she’s feeling a little bit naughty, as well as loving her fitness! Regularly taking part in the muddy dog run for Battersea with her owner, they both love the event, raising a huge £260 this year! Lily, however, suffers from Chronic Arthritis and therefore must be careful with how much exercise she can do, which is why she swims with us at Crossroads.

Lily with hydrotherapist

Arthritis means “inflammation of the joints” and there are many benefits to dogs that suffer from arthritis. Water can help to loosen stiff muscles and reduce joint inflammation. Swimming in the pool becomes a zero-impact exercise due to the buoyancy of the water, this means stiff muscles can be stretched out without the usual accompanying pain that is associated with moving the affected limbs. Resistance in the water can help strengthen and build muscles to support surrounding joints also. Weight loss is also a benefit of hydrotherapy for those that suffer from arthritis, as the dog loses weight, there is a decreased pain as less impact is put on the affected joints.


After Lily’s swims with us at Crossroads, we were blamed for her wanting to go around the course or twice! You can find out more information about hydrotherapy here or contact us. To swim your dog at Crossroads you must have a referral form filled out.


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