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First Class Canine Hydrotherapy in Buckinghamshire


What to Expect

On your first session you will be invited into the facilities where you will be informed of Health & Safety and Fire Evacuation procedures.

We will then discuss your Vet referral form and any conditions your dog presents with. We will measure muscle mass and weight if required.

Your dog will then be showered to remove surface dirt and to warm the muscles up prior to the swim.  A floatation device or harness will then be fitted to your dog. We will then introduce your dog to the pool, allowing plenty of time to acclimatise the dog and ensure it remains a positive experience.

After the swim, we will guide your dog out of the pool and back to the shower area, where the harness will be removed and the dog showered down to wash off the chlorine and warm down the muscles.

The dog will then be towel dried with a fresh clean towel, and blow dried if appropriate.

We will then discuss with you how the session has gone, including any after care advice.


First initial assessment and swim:
1 Hour session £50 includes free 2nd Swim

Single sessions: 45 minutes  £35

Course of 10 sessions 45 minute session £350 + a free swim (11th session)

Fitness swim 45 minutes: £30

Course of 10 Fitness Swims will be £250

Puppy swims under 1 year: 30 minute session  £15

(introducing the dog to water)

NB All times given include the washing and drying time of your dog.

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