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Hydrotherapy for your Dog lead by specialists

Water quality testing 3 times a day to ensure the pool is clean & safe for every dog


Our pool is custom built to 5.1m x 2.5m and 1.2m deep, (16.7ft x 8.2ft and 4ft deep), with external and internal ramps to allow easy access for aiding the dog into the pool. The internal ramp also allows the dogs to rest between each swim.

If the dog is severely disabled, extra staff are available to assist the dog safely into the water.  Our pool has swim jets which are used to create a variable water flow. This water flow provides extra resistance in the pool which in turn encourages the dogs to work harder.  This is especially beneficial for neurological damage, paralysis of the limbs and is invaluable at improving the dogs fitness.

The pool also has underwater high definition cameras that allow us to view the dogs limbs whilst swimming and helps us adjust the techniques used to ensure the dog is moving correctly.  Copies of the recording can be sent to your Veterinary Surgeon on request.

The pool is kept at a warm 30 – 32 degrees C, this helps to improve blood circulation and aids in the relaxation of the dog muscles. It also helps to reduce swelling and eases pain especially in tendons and joints.

We also have a shower and drying area. Your dog will be showered before and after treatment. A clean fresh towel will be used to dry your dog at the end of the session and a blow dryer is also available.  In colder weather we encourage you to bring a drying coat, equafleece or similar to ensure your dog remains warm on the journey home.

We keep the pool sanitation to an extremely high standard, the water quality is tested 3 times a day to ensure that the pool is clean and safe for every dog.

On site parking and plenty of areas for your dog to relieve itself before entering the pool.  However we do ask that your dog has been properly toileted before you arrive for your session.  This helps to minimize any accidents in the pool.


First initial assessment and swim:
1 Hour session £50 includes free 2nd Swim

Single sessions: 45 minutes  £35

Course of 10 sessions 45 minute session £350 + a free swim (11th session)

Fitness swim 45 minutes: £30

Course of 10 Fitness Swims will be £250

Puppy swims under 1 year: 30 minute session  £15

(introducing the dog to water)

NB All times given include the washing and drying time of your dog.

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