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Post hydrotherapy information

After the swim session do not take them on long walks or allow vigorous exercise, short walks to toilet are fine.

Please allow 1 hour after the session before feeding.

Provide fresh water, but do not allow them to drink excessively

Keep them warm and out of draughts

If the dog shows signs of illness please contact your vets immediately and inform them that your dog has been to hydrotherapy

Please note dogs are unable to use the pool if:-

  • They have any open wounds or infections
  • They have external Fixators
  • They have respiratory problems or advanced cardiac illness
  • They have incontinence issues
  • They are suffering from diarrhoea or vomiting
  • They are suffering from contagious skin conditions
  • They have receivied a topical flea/worm treatment (no swimming for 72 hours after treatment)
  • You are responsible for advising us of any changes in your animals condition along with any vet recommendations.

Pre-hydrotherapy information


Do not feed your dog within 2 hours prior to their hydrotherapy session, however do provide them with fresh water.

Ensure your dog has been adequately toileted before their session.

A towelling coat or equafleece is recommended for the colder weather to prevent the dog getting a chill.

Bring treats or a floating toy to use as encouragement while in the pool.

Please ensure you wear non slip footwear as the surrounding pool area can become quite wet. You will be advised of Health and Safety and Fire Evacuation procedures on your initial consultation.

Do not take your dog on a long walk or vigorously exercise it before their appointment

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